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Spectic tank pumping & maintinence

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Services and Pricing

Pricing as of May 2019 & is subject to change.

Septic pumping for Summit and Park counties:

1000-1250 Gallon Tank $465 & up
1500 Gallon tank $485 & up
2000 Plus Gallon Tank $525 & up
*Pricing assumes exposed lids. Additional charges may apply per job site specifics IE; Vertical lift & extra hose charge. Diesel fuel and trip charges may apply to some locations/counties. Prices are subject to change without notice.

leach field, septic installation and repair

Call or email for pricing.

OWTS Inspections For Park & Summit Counties:

Call or email for inspection pricing.

Additional prices:

Digging of septic lids 0-15 minutes = 0 charge
15 minutes-1/2 hour= $30.00
Hourly charge= $60.00-$80.00 per hour

*Some lids may need to be dug up with an excavator, call for pricing. Vertical lift and extra hose charges, prices vary, site assessment may be needed.


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